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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

 The formulates terms and agreements that are important to define the relationship between the company and the customers. It is important to analyze the agreement carefully and if you are shopping, the terms and conditions are legally enforced. If you are purchasing from the website, it means you are complying with agreement clauses.


 The agreement comprises of the rules that define the terms and conditions along with privacy policies that are modified on a regular basis. Seller on the website is the individual offering the products to the customers. Buyer would pay for the item or service which he or she is purchasing from the seller.

By shopping on the website, the user takes responsibility that he or she is party to the terms and conditions and would also have the necessary wherewithal to include others as parts of agreement.

Specifics Of The Term:

 It is legally binding on the individual purchasing products or services from the website. People while buying the goods adhere to the various clauses of the terms and conditions along with the privacy policy. It also ensures that by using the payment mode, they comply with rules and regulated related to security.

Closure Or Terminations

 Users can exit the terms and conditions agreement without notifications. Moreover, the website also reserves the right to block users access to items and services.


 The terms and conditions can be changed by the website without issuing any alert to the users. They can visit the site to read the new agreement. Users who disagree with clauses can stop shopping from the website. In case, they are using the services, it implies that they are following the rules of the changed agreement.

Online Purchase

  By agreeing to do shopping on the website, the users accept the risk in placing the order and making payments for the purchase. is not responsible for the errors of the purchasers or the buyers. He or she is required to provide genuine address to which the ordered goods are required to be shipped.

Once the payment transactions are conducted, the website takes the onus for end to end shipment of the products to the designated address. Individuals placing the orders are legally bounded to receive the items so that the transaction is completed.

Users will be charged the price of the items that existed at the time of making payments. The cost of the perishable item fluctuates; therefore the website would update the cost n a regular basis. Prices of the products are inclusive of the VAT charges.

Item Not In Stock

  If you are placing the order and item in not in the inventory, we would send an email within two business days for replacement or cancellation.

Payment Modes:

 We provide numerous payment options to the users in the form of credit cards belonging to the master, visa along with the diner categories. Similarly debit cards from master, visa are accepted at the payment gateway.

Internet banking and COD (cash on delivery) facility is also available to the users.

To make the payment through the card, the purchaser needs to enter the 16 digit card number along with expiry date and 3 digit CWW information. Card should belong to the master or visa category.

By paying for the item, the user is complying with the payment policy of the website and its affiliates. Once the items are selected in the shopping cart, the purchaser should click on the check out selection.

It is important to provide the correct address for the shipment and payment information. After payment, the requirement amount is deposited from the credit card account into the account of the website. After receiving the payments, the transaction is completed and the required product is sent to the buyer.

Security technology:

 All the transactions conducted on the website from client to server follow the SSL and Secure data encryption protocols. They encode the data into 1024 bits and prevent the sensitive information from being hacked. doesn’t store thee information but transmits to the payment gateway for the further processing. Gateways are legally authorized to conduct financial transactions by banks, institutions and relevant authorities.

Suspension of agreement:


 The terms and conditions can be suspended for the users if they are found to the violating any clause.

Incorrect and wrong information on the part of the users

If the users are creating problems for the other buyers or indulging in harmful activities against


 The users accept the responsibility to protect the employees and the affiliates of the websites in cases of liabilities or the damage claims that might occur due to their actions or of the third parties. Website is not liable to pay for the defamation suit or the attorney fees that are caused due to the conduct of the users.

Copyright Violations:

 All the graphic illustrations including logo and icons belong exclusively to  and use of them by third party to malign or to confuse the customers is a legal offence.

Composition of agreement:

 Term and conditions comprise between the user and thee website comprise of the privacy policy accompanied by the rules and regulations. They override any agreement that existed in the past between both the parties.


 Users have exclusive rights to provide suggestions and feedbacks to the website however it should be royalty free and must be able to use it in the future for an indefinite time frame. The website reserves the right for reproduction and distribution of the content in any form such as soft and hard copy. The user should provide the guarantee that the use of suggestions by the website would not violate the copyright clauses.

Shipment Information:

 The shipping address provided by the users should be correct. Company is not responsible for reshipment if the goods are delivered at the wrong address due to incorrect information provided by the buyers.

Users should select the product only after checking the availability of the shipment on the website to the specific city.  cannot be held liable for the damages caused to the product after it is delivered to the intended destination.

The company would make two attempts to deliver the orders to the buyers. If the purchasers disagree to pay the shipment charges for the second time, the order amount is refunded to the purchaser.

Shipment Failure:

 The shipment would be considered a failure if incorrect address is provided by the buyers. There can be instances when the recipient would not be present at the address. In such a situation, the company will try another attempt to deliver the items.

If the product doesn’t reach the users due to the above mentioned reasons, provide information about the delay.

Information pertaining to damages to the item or missing products should be sent to  on the same day of delivery. You need to use the contact us page of the website for sending email. If goods are missing, one should mention and sign the same on the receipt copy to the delivery man.

Cost of Shipment:

 Shipping cost of the goods vary according to the different parameters. They can range from the manufacturing cost to size. The exact of shipping can be obtained during the time of the check out by the customers.

Return Of The Items:

 If the product is delivered in proper condition with same number of items as ordered, the products would not be returned

If the items are in damaged condition or missing, return them to the delivery man with the details mentioned on the receipt.

The item should be returned within 2 days since it was delivered. Make sure that the pack is sealed however the company will not bear the return charges.

Request of Replacement or refund should be made within 48 hours. The company would take from one to 3 weeks to process and complete the above mentioned requests.

Disclaimer: is not responsible for any problem caused to the customers, if their cards are not accepted by the payment gateways or the request of the transaction is denied.


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